There is no doubt that a well-rounded ecommerce marketing strategy is essential to ensure that you are able to grow your business and bring in sales. That means incorporating a range of strategies that include organic campaigns as well as paid campaigns. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an often overlooked strategy that can be very useful for online stores of all sizes.

Whether you have recently launched or you are battling to bring in traffic to your store, a well-planned online advertising campaign can offer excellent short and longer-term results. Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate SEM into your ecommerce marketing strategy.

How To Use SEM In Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

SEM does not have to be over the top or even overly expensive. If you plan ahead, you can get the most from your ad budget, while bringing in more traffic to your store. Here are some ideas on how to use SEM as part of your ecommerce marketing plan.

Start small

Google ads are without a doubt a valuable tool that can help you gain recognition quickly and easily. That’s not to say you should go all out with a massive budget immediately. Instead, start small and grow from there. You will be able to monitor your results and find areas for improvement. In that way, you will start to see far better results than you would if you throw all your proverbial eggs into one basket without testing the waters.

Stay focused

It is also never a good idea to try and run your own campaigns unless you have ample experience in both SEM and SEO. Knowing which keywords to target (and which to avoid) is highly important to avoid overspending or wasting your budget. It is also essential to craft enticing ads that inspire plenty of clicks and visits. Simply getting up an ad without putting any thought into the wording or focus will not do much good at all. A well-targeted campaign that is planned and executed carefully will have far more value.

Know your audience

On a similar note, you will want to put plenty of thought into who you plan to target. Are you targeting your entire customer base or a specific sub-section of your target audience? Are you running a broad campaign or are you focusing on a certain category or even a high selling product? Knowing your audience and crafting your ads according to that audience is the most efficient way to ensure that the right people see (and click) your ads.

Done right, SEM is a fantastic tool for online shops. Put some thought into your SEM, get professional help and plan a well-rounded, integrated ecommerce marketing strategy that adds authentic value.

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