SEM offers a powerful tool for your lead nurturing efforts, helping to attract leads to your landing page through targeted paid ads on major search engines such as Google. Done right, SEM and Pay Per Click is a fantastic tool that has plenty to offer your lead generation strategies. Treated as an after-thought, you may not see too much value, however.

Using SEM in Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

To help you get more from your SEM efforts, we’ve put together some tips on how to use SEM for lead nurturing.

If SEM is not already part of your lead nurturing strategy, here are some tips to help you craft powerful campaigns that are designed to convert more leads.

Fine-tune your audience targeting

It goes without saying that generic campaigns are a waste of time and budget. The more targeted your campaigns, the better your ads will perform. Look at targeting your reach by location, demographic, income, and any other factors that help you narrow down your focus to your target customer. You can go one step further by including specific information in your adds that helps to attract the right leads – location and price especially.

Choose keywords carefully

It’s also a good idea to put thought into your keyword strategy. Terms that are too generic will not result in clicks, or, if they do get clicks, they may not convert further than that. Ideally, you want to sift out any clicks from people who are not interested in what you are offering and anyone confused about what you are offering. A general phrase such as ‘used cars’ may result in a few leads signing up to your car hunting tool, but ‘used cars in cape town’ would likely offer better results. A term like ‘compare used cars in cape town’ would be even better.

Aim for a multichannel strategy

Finally, it is worth noting that SEM works best as part of a broader strategy. While paid ads definitely help to get fast results, SEO can also be effective on a long-term basis. Social media, email marketing, content, and various other channels also help you get results from lead generation. Integrated SEM is the best way to get the results without losing out on the benefits offered by other channels. A well-rounded strategy is, without a doubt, your best tool in truly effective nurturing.

Fine-tune your SEM campaigns, develop your holistic lead nurturing strategy and you will start to see just how much value a well-rounded strategy has to offer your results.

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