As we get closer to wrapping up the year that was, many businesses will be starting to think about lead nurturing in 2019. Like any other digital strategy, lead generation comes down to consistently growing and learning, finding new ways to improve your strategies for long-term growth. Taking your campaigns as something you know everything about and can never improve is a potentially deadly mistake that can cost you far more than you realise.

Essential Lead Nurturing Lessons for the Year Ahead

To help you continue to see a difference in your lead nurturing results, whatever strategies you’re looking at in the year ahead, here are some lessons to keep in mind.

Some of the biggest lead nurturing lessons that we are focusing on for the year ahead include the following:

Measurable and actionable data is everything

Without clearly defined data that is not only measurable but also actionable, your campaigns will be for all accounts meaningless. Data is essential to be sure that you are putting in your effort where it will be truly rewarded, without wasting time and budgets on strategies that do not have much chance of converting. Clearly defined data will help you keep on track with your campaigns, refining as you go for continued growth throughout the year.

Customer journey mapping is essential, too

If you are not already mapping your customer journey, now is the time to start doing so for the upcoming year and every year onwards. Journey mapping offers a way to deliver a consistent experience for customers from the very first moment they interact with your brand and all the way through their lifetime journey. When you are able to track and map how these interactions take place at each step, you will be able to fine-tune your processes significantly, providing customers with a better journey in the process.

An optimised website is a high-converting website

Finally, another major lesson for the year ahead is to ensure that your website is optimised for lead generation. One of the quickest ways to lose prospective leads is a website that is not responsive for mobile and other channels. A responsive, optimised website that is geared at attracting leads from every possible channel will be your best bet at drawing in leads organically and easily, in a way that drives conversion reliably. Put in the effort into your on-site work and you will see a difference across your campaigns. Treat this as an after-thought and you will pay the price in lost conversions.

Keep these lessons in mind as you get going next year, and you should start to see a difference in your lead nurturing impact.

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