While a large number of ecommerce marketing strategies focus on Boomers and Millennials and even Generation Y, many strategies end up overlooking Generation X. Born between 1965 and 1980, this generation is a relatively small group that has vast purchasing power.

Not that long ago, it was Baby Boomers that had a large amount of purchasing power, particularly before the rise of ecommerce. Millenials quickly became a major target once online shopping began to evolve, embracing social media and numerous other campaigns with ease. Although this audience remains one of the largest globally, Generation X consists of a smaller yet more established market. This generation bridges the gap between Boomers, who were born long before the digital revolution, and Millennials, who are digital natives.

Generation X has easily adapted to the digital era, embracing the online world as easily as they embrace ‘old school’ channels. For omni-channel ecommerce marketing, this offers plenty of opportunities to reach a high-value market.

Ecommerce Marketing to Reach Generation X

How do you plan ecommerce marketing strategies to reach Generation X? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Coupons, sales, and other saving strategies

Unlike Baby Boomers, who are entering retirement, and Millennials, who are just starting out in their careers, Generation Xers are established in their work. Many have their own businesses and many have children. As such, this generation takes saving very seriously. Strategies that make use of coupons, sales, discount offers, and other ways to save will therefore always work well when targeting this generation. Limited time offers can also be very effective if done properly. Showing value is another way to encourage spending.

Email marketing vs mobile marketing and social media

While Millennials are all about social media and mobile marketing, Generation Xers prefer channels that are less intrusive. Email marketing is one of the most effective channels to reach this generation. Plan a variety of triggered automation sequences, including lead nurturing campaigns that take customers through a carefully designed lead funnel.

Loyalty and trust-based marketing

Trust plays a vital role in all ecommerce strategies. For Generation X, there can be a lot of scepticism about brands. Shallow campaigns seldom work, while genuine campaigns have a far better chance of working. Strategies that build trust and lifetime loyalty are therefore essential. Instead of bringing on the hype, aim to focus on delivering genuine messaging instead.

Authentic Ecommerce Marketing With Generation X

Now that you have a better idea of Generation X and how they approach online shopping, it should be easier to start planning authentic ecommerce marketing campaigns designed to target this influential audience.

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