As we get closer not only to a brand new year but also a brand new decade, SEO trends are something that many brands will be watching. There is no doubt that SEO is a continually evolving channel. Each year and each decade, search engines adapt to the constant shifts of algorithms, users, and technology. In the last year alone, we have seen the era of Mobile-First continue to change the way that people find information online. We’ve also seen a number of changes within Google that are further paving the way for a new future of search.

With that in mind, which SEO trends should you be watching over the next year or so? Keep reading to find out.

SEO Trends to Watch in the Year Ahead

From voice search to semantic search and local search, we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest SEO trends that will shape SEO in 2020 and beyond. Here are some of the most important trends to watch.

Voice search

Although it is not a new trend, voice search remains one of the rising trends within SEO. This ties in closely to Google’s preference for mobile. It also ties in with the rise of home automation and other bots that are used by more people than ever before. Adapting to voice search is essential to make sure that Siri, Alexa, and other voice tools can easily help users find what they’re looking for without having to enter in commands via text.

Intent optimisation

Another trend that has been slowly but steadily arising is semantic search and intent optimisation. Over the years, search engines have gone from needing exact match keywords to being able to determine what people are looking for by going beyond exact phrases. For example, a search containing words such as ‘school’, ‘cape town’, and ‘primary’ does not have to be in any order for search engines to know that the searcher is looking for primary schools in the area, preferably close to home. Adapting your strategy to make use of broader terms is therefore essential rather than maintaining a rigid keyword approach.

Local search

Local search is yet another trend that is set to play an important role in how people find information in the year to come. Every day, people search for places, products, and services. A large number of these searches are done locally, but people searching specifically for things that do not require much effort. When you fail to optimise for local search, you miss out on the chance to reach your audience. Local search strategies include NAP listings, Google My Business updates, and a careful keyword strategy that optimises your local business.

Stay Ahead of SEO Trends in 2020

According to ShgSEO Melbourne SEO services, to make sure that you’re on track for the upcoming year, it is best to start planning your SEO strategy as early as possible. This will allow you to start the new year prepared, taking advantage of these SEO trends as you ease into 2020.

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