Lead generation certainly plays an important role within any digital marketing strategy. With that said, focusing exclusively on nurturing leads without looking at the bigger picture can end up setting you back far more than you realise. Blinding sending out nurturing campaigns without planning can do just as much damage.

If you have been battling to see real growth from your lead nurturing efforts, you need to take a good look at your current strategies to find out why lead generation is no longer enough.

Why Your Lead Generation Efforts Keep Failing

In a perfect world, you would be able to see fast, impressive results with a single sales funnel. In reality, lead generation forms part of a broader plan. On its own, it may bring in some leads, and even some level of conversion. For sustainable growth, however, it should be part of a multi-channel strategy that is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

Why is lead nurturing not enough and why are you not seeming to get anywhere with your current campaigns, even though you are investing all of your time and marketing budget on trying to bring in new leads? Let’s take a look.

You are not keeping up with your competitors

As the digital space continues to evolve and embrace new technologies and approaches, keeping ahead of the competition has become critical to avoid being left behind. If you are still relying on stock-standard lead forms and sales funnels without upgrading your landing pages, lead magnets, forms, and CTAs, you will struggle to compete against businesses that use updated tools and strategies to generate leads at every touchpoint.

You are relying too much on lead nurturing

At the same time, if you are focusing all of your efforts on email campaigns, without looking at mobile, SEO, SEM, social media, and other channels that offer opportunities to bring in new leads, you will also battle. Rather than putting all your eggs into one proverbial basket, step back and consider the bigger picture.

You do not have an integrated strategy

What this means is not only embracing other channels within your strategy but also aiming for a fully integrated strategy. This means a seamless experience between each touchpoint, allowing leads to enter the funnel at any point, without losing your flow. If leads are met with barriers at any point of the cycle, they will exit very quickly. The easier you can make the process, the more chance you have of conversion. Make sure that your overall strategy is designed to nurture leads at every single moment, from arrival in the funnel to being handed over to sales, to converting potential leads into customers. While we’re mentioning sales, make sure that you have a solid hand-over approach in your strategy to ensure that the entire process remains seamless for leads.

Going Beyond Lead Generation

Once you have a comprehensive, fully integrated digital marketing strategy in place, you should begin to see a visible difference in your results. Look beyond lead generation and you can appreciate the important role it plays within your growth.

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