Over the last decade, lead nurturing has come a long way. Although lead generation has been in effect in numerous forms over the decades, it has truly come into its own in the last few years. In 2020, it has become one of the most effective ways not only to gain new customers but also to retain existing customers.

The start of a brand new business year is always a good time to take a closer look at your current strategies to see how they can be improved for the year ahead. In this guide, we take a look at the lead nurturing strategies to watch in 2020.

Lead Nurturing Trends for 2020

A decade ago, digital marketing as a whole had begun to come into its own. Today, constant growth in technology, apps, and tools has opened up a whole new world. There are more ways to reach customers now than ever before, across multiple channels. What this means for lead nurturing is a consistent growth in ways to reach customers. To find out how you can target your efforts even further, here are some of the trends we will be watching this year.

1. Conversational marketing

One of the biggest developments in 2019 was the rise of chatbots. These have been used for customer support as well as marketing, allowing an automated messaging approach that reduces time and effort without losing out on the chance to interact with potential leads. Conversational marketing continues to change the way that businesses target customers, as AI and chatbot technology continues to expand. Voice marketing will add even more of a dimension, enabling leads to interact with businesses through the use of tools such as Alexa.

To integrate this trend into your strategy, make sure that you use chatbots and AI carefully. Intrusive messaging apps can end up putting leads off, while pre-programmed chatbots that are able to have simple conversations will have far better results.

2. Collaborative marketing

Although this trend might sound counter-intuitive, there is definite value in partnerships. Collaborative marketing is a win-win strategy in which two or more businesses work together rather than in competition with one another. This can be done in a few different ways. These could include promotions and offers can be expanded to offer customers more value. They could also include products or services that are related yet different, such as camping equipment store and adventure tour company.

The goal here is for all partners to cross-promote offers across multiple channels and for all parties to benefit from the offer. Products or services that compete or those that are too similar in nature will see as much benefit as those within a broader similar category.

3. Hyper-personalisation

Personalisation, and even hyper-personation, are not new. With that said, the trend for highly targeted campaigns is not going away any time soon, either. Personalised campaigns need to rely heavily on accurate data and segmentation in order to work effectively. Clear customer personas need to be created and a well-rounded multi-channel approach needs to be implemented in order to target specific audiences on specific channels.

One example of hyper-personalisation in B2B lead generation is accounts based marketing. In this instance, lead offers and campaigns are designed around specific accounts, with uniquely tailored offers designed specifically for each account.

Boost Your Lead Nurturing Results

There is no doubt that we will see more changes and trends emerge as we get deeper into the year. One of the most important aspects of the lead generation process is continually adapting and streamlining your processes for growth, year on year. To start improving your lead nurturing results, make sure that you consider these trends to kick-start your year on a good note.

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