Ecommerce marketing can be daunting for small stores – particularly stores wondering how they can ever compete against large stores. The first thing to note is that trying to compete with large, well-known stores is not the way to see results. Stores such as Amazon and Takealot have the advantage of a massive product range, established presence, and a large customer base. Rather than setting out to be the next mega-store, rather focus on how you can leverage your smaller size to grow and scale. 

Ecommerce Marketing Lessons from Big Brands

With that said, there are a few lessons that you can learn from big brands to help you improve your ecommerce marketing results.

Some of the biggest ecommerce marketing lessons you can take from mega stores include the following:

1. Provide a seamless user experience

One of the many things that big stores do well is provide a seamless experience for customers. That means easy to follow navigation, simple checkout, clean layout, and other features that make browsing products easy. The fewer barriers to purchase, the more easily you will be able to reduce abandoned carts. Make sure that your store is designed for usability and make sure that it can be accessed on any device, too. 

2. Harness the power of reviews

Another thing that big stores utilise is customer reviews. User-generated content is essential for ecommerce. Customers use reviews when making purchasing decisions. Unlike descriptions, which are essentially you telling customers about your product, reviews are customers telling other customers about your product. Encourage reviews and make sure that they are placed somewhere visible on product pages. 

3. Optimise your product pages

If you had to look at a product page on Amazon, for example, you would see a few things. Product images are clear and shown above the fold. Product descriptions are shown above and below the fold. Reviews and ratings are visible, similar products are shown, prices are shown above the fold, and key products are optimised in many other ways. Rather than adding an image and a line of text, invest in optimised descriptions that are rich in relevant keywords. A solid ecommerce SEO strategy is vital for product page optimisation

Scaling Your Ecommerce Marketing Results

The good news is that every single store had to start somewhere – even megastores. You may continue to excel within a smaller niche without the need to grow. You may decide to scale and grow as your product range expands. Whatever the case, these lessons from major brands will help you continue to reap the rewards of your ecommerce marketing strategies.

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