Lead generation certainly plays a vital role in converting new customers, but attracting them in the first place is equally important. This is where demand generation comes into play. To get leads into your sales funnel, you first need to hook them into your lead forms. Awareness is the very first step in any lead nurturing campaign, helping potential leads to find you online and learn more about your business. Although lead nurturing campaigns are also driven by awareness, the very first step lies in introducing your business to leads before they enter your official lead funnel.

Understanding the synergy between demand generation and lead generation is the best way to ensure that your leads are primed and ready to start the nurturing process.

The Difference Between Demand Generation & Lead Generation

Some of the ways that both of these strategies work to attract and convert new leads include the following:

Demand generation

Demand generation is all about driving awareness and demand for your core offering. This typically focused on strategies that increase traffic to your website and landing pages. Strategies could include blog posts, guest posts, social media campaigns, press releases, and various other digital marketing strategies. It can also include SEO and SEM. The goal here is not so much to sell or gain contacts but rather to promote your business and its offerings. It can work alone as its strategy or work in conjunction with lead nurturing strategies as part of a full multi-channel strategy to grow your business.

Lead generation

Lead generation, on the hand, is all about converting leads into customers. It follows on from demand generation, targeting leads through personalisation, buyer personas, and various other strategies. It makes use of content magnets, lead forms, free trials, free courses, gated content, and other opt-in offers. To be effective, it works best as part of a broader digital strategy that incorporates campaigns that drive traffic to your lead forms – especially if you have a targeted approach for your demand generation campaigns. This ensures that your leads are already primed before they opt into your list. The result is a far better chance of conversion.

Optimised Lead Generation

Ideally, none of your digital campaigns should exist in a vacuum. A multi-channel approach is, without a doubt, the most efficient way to reach and target leads at every stage of their journey. When you have a broader strategy in place, you will find it far easier to plan high-converting strategies that ensure the best results for lead generation.

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