Attraction marketing offers a highly effective way to boost your lead generation efforts. This strategy is not new. Over the years, it has evolved a great deal, with the growth of social marketing paving the way for new and improved attraction marketing approaches. Used as part of your lead generation strategy, it allows you to attract and connect to customers on a deeper level. Unlike other digital marketing strategies that focus on reaching out to customers, attraction marketing works by drawing customers to you instead. The result is customers that are far more likely to convert.

Incorporating Attraction Marketing into Your Lead Generation Strategy

Some of the most important things to keep in mind when using attraction marketing within your broader lead generation strategies include the following:


Without establishing a connection with your target audience, it will become very difficult to attract customers. Rather than focusing your efforts on selling, you will need to focus on building relationships and genuine connections. That means offering solutions without expectation, addressing customer needs, responding to questions and comments, listening to customers, being active on your social media pages, engaging customers, and providing useful resources to help customers.


Following on from that, you will also need to be authentic to build a real connection. That means being true to your brand instead of trying to present a public image that does not reflect your values, tone, or personality. Avoid corporate-speak, stay clear of jargon, maintain the same voice you use across all of your digital communication, speak honestly, be approachable, and show that you are not just a faceless brand but also a company that values its customers.


Trust plays a vital role in attraction marketing. Today’s consumers have more choice than ever before and loyalty only extends so far. When customers trust you and have faith in you, they will have a far greater chance of becoming loyal to your brand. That increases the chance of turning customers into brand ambassadors and loyalists. Brand loyalists will sing your praises to the rooftops, attracting new customers in the process. To achieve this, you need to under-promise and over-deliver, and always do exactly what you say you will do. You can also make use of testimonials, reviews, trust seals, easy opt-out processes, and other tactics to increase trust.

Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation

Used together, these two strategies have the potential to drive conversion in a way that is natural and highly effective. Take your lead generation efforts to the next level with the help of attraction marketing strategies designed to attract and retain customers.

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