With any lead generation campaign, hyper-personalisation can be highly effective. This approach could be considered personalisation 2.0. While personalisation focuses on targeting customers according to segmentation and basic behaviour, hyper-personalisation goes one step further. It allows you to create highly targeted campaigns and offers to leads using AI. The result is a strategy that pre-empts lead actions, driving more conversion and offering more value to leads.

How does hyper-personalisation work when it comes to lead generation? Let’s take a look.

Using Hyper-Personalisation in Lead Generation

If you’re into Netflix binges, you have probably seen suggestions on what to watch that get your attention very quickly. This is not an accident. Netflix uses a complex algorithm to identify shows that interest you, before creating custom thumbnails. For lead generation, hyper-personalisation can be used to create campaigns at every stage of the lead funnel, from the initial awareness stage to the decision stage. Content, information, offers, and even customer concerns can all be tailored to leads in a highly targeted way, to make them feel as though you are speaking directly to them.

This type of personalisation comes across as far more authentic and organic than simply putting leads into a segment and using the first name multiple times in every campaign. To get the most from hyper-personalisation, here are some things to keep in mind.

Focus on the data

Hyper-personalisation is led almost entirely by data. With the help of AI and reporting tools, getting accurate data is essential to know exactly how your leads act and think online. You need to know what to offer them (and when to do it). There is no room for guesstimates or assumptions here. Focus on the data, and you will be able to plan campaigns that do not miss their mark. Otherwise, you are for all intents shooting in the dark, which will affect your conversion.

Focus on audience actions

Using data and tracking behaviour, it will be easier to anticipate your target audience’s actions and send campaigns that are perfectly timed. This is why accuracy is so important. You should know what your audience wants, much like the barman at your favourite bar always knows what you want or an experienced waiter knows how to make suggestions based on your tastes.

Focus on the customer journey

That does not mean that you should focus so much on personalisation that you forget that your leads are real human beings, though. One of the challenges with any type of personalisation – hyper or otherwise – is that it can come across as sounding automated and sometimes even creepy. There is a fine line between creating campaigns around your audience’s needs and making them feel that you know far too much about them. When you keep your focus on the customer journey and learn to listen, when to step back, when to educate, when to promote, and when to sell, you will have far better success with hyper-personalisation.

Personalising Your Lead Generation Strategy

It helps to remember that hyper-personalisation is just one aspect of lead nurturing. Ideally, you need to incorporate various strategies according to your specific niche and goals. A well-rounded strategy that cohesively incorporates multiple channels is the best way to see results across your lead generation campaigns.

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