While lead generation personalisation is certainly a powerful way to drive conversion, it will only deliver results when it is done properly. Personalisation is far more than addressing leads by name. It’s more than creating personas, although those are a good start. Essentially, personalisation comes down to how you connect to potential leads and how you target them on a deeper level, in a way that makes them want to connect to your business.

Not Seeing Results From Lead Generation Personalisation?

With that in mind, it is not always easy to get personalisation right, particularly if you do not have the foundations in place that allow you to target leads more effectively.

If you have been struggling to see any results from your lead generation personalisation efforts, a few things may be going wrong. These could include one or more of the following:

Your lead personas are off-base

Having lead personas in place is a great start. That does not mean that your personas are designed for optimal conversion. You may have a single persona that was developed from actual data or one that was developed from your assumptions on what your ideal client looks like. You may be using multiple personas, none of which seem to work. You may not have negative personas in place. Your personas may be overly simple or overly complicated. Read our guide to the top persona mistakes to see where your lead personas may be failing.

You’re ignoring the customer journey

Your sales funnel should be guiding personalisation at every stage. If you are personalising your campaigns on a broader scale without taking the customer journey into account, you will not see much in the way of results. Leads have different needs at every stage of their journey and content needs to be personalised specifically to each stage of that journey. When you take factors such as emotion into account and personalise your campaigns at every stage, it will be far easier to see results.

Your data is outdated or incorrect

Outdated or dirty data is the death knell for any type of campaign. In the case of personalisation, it is even more damaging. Aside from being lead by data rather than assumption, bias or guesses, you also need to ensure that you are reviewing your data frequently. Make sure that nothing is missing or broken and be sure that you don’t have any outdated information either. Dirty data can quickly undo any progress you make, putting not just your campaigns at risk but also your overall reputation if it results in embarrassment or mistakes.

Perfect Your Lead Generation Personalisation

Once you start to work out where you are going wrong with personalisation, it will become much easier to work at fixing any mistakes, cleaning up your strategies in the process. This will allow you to reap the many rewards that lead generation personalisation has to offer for conversion.

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