Have you started planning your ecommerce marketing strategy for the holiday season? After an extremely challenging and uncertain year, the festive shopping season is almost here. Online shopping is very likely to pick up a great deal between now and December, as shoppers turn to online stores instead of taking the risk of navigating through crowded shops and malls. Without a strategy in place, you may end up losing sales to your competitors. In this guide, we share some ideas on how to perfect your ecommerce marketing campaigns for the festive season.

Ecommerce Marketing for the Holidays

To get the most from holiday sales this year, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Have a plan but stay agile

Planning is essential and you should start doing so as early as possible. This is the best way to look at your goals and determine how you will proceed. You will be able to look at the channels you plan to use, the target audience, new vs current customers, and start putting together your basic strategy. With that said, you should also make room for potential changes. Staying agile will help you take advantages of trends that may arise once December arrives. This way, you can have the benefit of planning and spontaneous campaigns.

Stay ahead of your competition

Remember, your competition is busy putting together plans as we speak. The holiday shopping season is easily the most competitive time of year in ecommerce. This is why it helps to keep your plans agile, in order to keep your campaigns fresh and stay ahead of your competitors. Investing in competitive analysis will help, too. You could also look at ways to think out of the box and give customers things they are not expecting. As always, focusing on the customer experience and ensuring that this is backed by 27-7 support is key.

Keep it interactive and fun

Your strategies don’t have to be boring. In fact, the best way to bring in more sales this season is to be anything but boring. Look at ideas such as gamification, plan and implement interactive social media campaigns, use one-time promotional offers such as points for the first 50 customers, consider flash sales, encourage engagement through hashtags, photo shares, and holiday stories. You could also look at pop-up shops or other strategies that breach the online and offline gap.

Festive Season Ecommerce Marketing

Festive shopping may not be quite the same as it was before COVID-19. We won’t know what the holiday season will bring just yet. But now, more than ever, customers need something to look forward to that will bring back a sense of normalcy. Getting an engaging ecommerce marketing strategy up and running will not only drive sales; it will build loyalty as well.

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