Video offers a highly effective tool within your lead generation strategy. Used properly, video has the potential to increase brand awareness, generate new leads and drive conversion. There are a few ways that you can integrate video into your strategy. Vlogging is more popular than ever, allowing you to establish your brand as an industry leader. It also helps to forge a connection and create genuine connections rather than the old-school marketing videos of yesteryear. Social media video can also be used to increase your lead generation strategy, whether you are using YouTube, Facebook or any other video channel.

Using Video in Your Lead Generation Strategy

To get the most from video, here are a few things to consider when including it into your lead generation strategy.

Know your audience

One of the most annoying things for anyone watching a YouTube video or a Facebook video is being interrupted by an ad that is completely unrelated and irrelevant. Another highly annoying thing is generic video campaigns that are hit and miss. Understanding your audience and knowing exactly who you are targeting is essential. This should include basic demographic research as well as behavioural research that allows you to create lead profiles. Once you have identified your target audience, you will be able to craft videos made to reach this audience.

Focus on solutions

With any type of lead nurturing campaign, your goal is not to sell products or services but rather sell solutions. This is why audience research is so important. If you have created a vlog that is entirely based on what you offer, without telling your audience how your services or products will solve their problems, you will likely not get too many leads. If you craft videos or vlogs that focus on solutions to very specific problems, you will have better results. For example, if you are building a video campaign to bring in leads for your online learning platform for homeschooling parents, you will focus on pain points such as time management, work-life balance, distraction and other challenges that parents face. You can then show parents how your platform provides a solution to these challenges.

Stay authentic

The old lead video model was extremely sales-focused. These were more like ads than vlogs or videos that had any type of value beyond selling. Although some leads may be gained through this approach, you will have a higher chance of reaching your audience is you are authentic. You want to go beyond punting your offering. You also want to add value, build trust and grow your reputation. Using our online learning platform, you could create vlogs on how to use the platform, common challenges parents face, how-to guides on various features, fun reviews and videos on parents trying the platform (these work especially well when used with hashtags), and other relatable video content that parents will enjoy. You could even go one step further and give your own reviews on online learning supplies and broader tips relating to homeschooling.

Video and Lead Generation

With many ways to attract leads, from video to SEO, the best approach is a multi-channel strategy that incorporates a wide range of channels within your overall campaigns. With an integrated lead generation strategy, you will see just how effective video can be when used alongside other channels.

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