Ecommerce marketing is essential for all types of online stores, including dropshipping stores. Unlike stores that sell products directly from inventories, dropshipping businesses do not keep inventory. Instead, products are ordered through third party stockists. Customers place their order through the store, and products are shipped directly from the stockist. This type of store is often chosen by etailers with minimal capacity for physical inventory. It also reduces the need for a business. That does not mean that dropshippers do not need online stores, however. Online stores offer a highly valuable way to sell through this model. Ecommerce marketing offers a powerful way for dropshipping businesses to reach customers and receive orders.

Using Ecommerce Marketing for Dropshipping

Some of the best ecommerce marketing solutions to help dropshipping businesses thrive include the following:


Just like any other type of online store, being found in the SERPs is critical. In the highly competitive retail space, dropshippers and every other type of etailer will need to put a lot of effort into getting found online. One of the top ways for dropshipping businesses to thrive is to focus on a targeted niche rather than selling a wide range of products. For example, specialising in premium imported quality dog treats would ensure a most specific audience. SEO strategies focused on the niche product could include blog content on training with treats, treat benefits, puppy treats, adult dog treats, and other information bringing in targeted traffic. Product pages could also be optimised for SEO.

Lead generation

Lead generation is a very successful tool within overall ecommerce strategies. In the case of dropshipping, having a loyal customer base is everything. That means first bringing in new customers and then making sure that they stay customers. Planning a lead nurturing strategy that includes value-added lead magnets (such as an ebook on dog training with expert trainer tips), powerful landing pages, lead forms, and a multi-channel lead generation strategy will help you find and retain customers and ultimately build loyalty and reputation.

Social media

Word of mouth is also hugely important for dropshipping businesses. As products are not kept in store and instead sourced through third-party vendors – often based outside of the country – there is a need for trust. Developing a loyal following helps to build that trust. Reviews, engagement, how-to videos, relevant content, user-submitted content, and other social media content will help you establish your business and build loyalty.

Ecommerce Marketing and Dropshipping

The effects of lockdown have made many businesses consider new ways to sell. Along with other types of online selling models, dropshipping can be extremely successful. Having a solid ecommerce marketing strategy in place is vital if you want to grow your online store – whatever its size, niche or model.

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