Micro conversions refer to the small moments that get you closer to your lead generation goals. Unlike macro conversions, which would be something like making a sale or booking a consultation, micro conversions focus on things such as blog article shares, newsletter sign-ups, social media follows and other engagements. These moments may not seem important in the great sense of conversion. That doesn’t mean that they don’t play an important role within lead generation.

Micro Conversions in Lead Generation

The biggest advantages that micro conversions bring to your lead generation results is a slow but steady movement towards your funnels. The initial interactions with brands can be extremely powerful. When your potential customers begin to show interest in what you are offering, they are more likely to sign up for your lead magnet or take further action. Some of the ways that you can make use of micro-conversions include the following:

Define your goals

Micro goals are not focused on making sales or achieving full conversion. Rather than focus purely on bigger goals, take a good look at the smaller goals you wish to achieve. Think about your blog, your social media channels, your weekly or monthly newsletter, your free resources that do not require customers to sign up and enter your funnel, and any other small action you want customers to take.

Focus on small steps

Once you have an idea of your micro-goals, you can start to look at how you can connect to your audience. If you do not already have content resources available for free, set up a blog or create resources that can be easily accessed and shared. Make sure that you share valuable social media content, too. Aim to appeal to your audience without expectation. Your goal here is to encourage them to interact with your brand without marketing your products or services. There will be time for that once they enter your funnel. Right now, you are giving them a taste of what they can expect and piquing their interest.

Track micro-moments

You will need to track these micro-moments to see exactly how your audience is interacting with your brand. Metrics to focus on include click-through and open rates for newsletters, bounce rates and time spent on site for blogs and resources, social media follow rates, share rates, brand mentions, and any other metric that demonstrates interest.

Enhancing Your Lead Generation Results

Using these three steps, you can slowly move towards bigger goals – getting potential customers into your funnels. Having an established rapport (even a small one) will go a long way in making customers feel motivated and interested in your offers. While some may never go further than enjoying your social media content, most will want more. You can target these customers when they are already primed to go, offering personalised bonuses, lead magnets or other incentives that get them to take the next step towards conversion.

Start putting some thought into the small moments your customers have with your brand and you have the potential to turn micro conversions into bigger lead generation conversions.

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