Lead generation data forms the heart of every campaign. If it’s not at the centre of your strategy, you will find it impossible to see any results. With the POPI Act now fully in place as of 1 July 2021, there is a huge focus on how data is collected. This will have a big impact on lead generation campaigns. For genuine leads that result in conversion, trust should be a basic foundation on how you collect, manage and use data from your lead forms and campaigns.

It’s not just security that should be a focus, either. The quality of your data is equally important. How you use your data is another important factor.

Everything You Need to Know About Lead Generation Data

Lead generation data includes every bit of lead information you have collected from campaigns. This includes basic contact details as well as demographic information – location, gender, age and anything else your customers share with your company. Here are the fundamentals of lead data and some tips on best practices.

Prioritise security & trust

As we mentioned earlier, POPIA is now a major concern for companies across South Africa. This law governs the use of personal information – how data is collected, stored and managed. Non-compliance comes at a very steep price, with up to R10 million in fines and up to 10 years of jail time. You should be prioritising security and data privacy even without the risk of penalties, however. Trust is integral to every lead nurturing campaign. Without trust, it gets very difficult to get leads through to the final stage of the sales funnel. Prospective customers will only convert if they feel that you put their data as a primary concern.

Quality over quantity

With leads, quality always trumps quantity. Although the top of your sales funnel will typically include a large number of leads who will go through your funnel, the bottom decreases to just the leads who are ready to convert. Even at the top of your funnel, you do not want random leads that have zero interest in your product or service. You want leads who are already interested in what you offer and therefore have far more chance of moving through your sales funnel. Focus on the leads that matter and use tools such as lead scoring to ensure that you use the most relevant data.

Use data effectively

When you manage your data properly, you will be able to get the most from the data. Data is gold for every campaign. You can use data to create buyer personas and create highly personalised campaigns. You can deliver a far better experience to leads through well-timed campaigns. You can score leads and target leads at every stage of the funnel. To get the most from data, it will need to be managed using an automated marketing CRM that reduces the risk of duplicate data or other dirty data that could affect your campaigns.

Lead Generation Data

Start putting more time and effort into how you collect, manage and use your lead information and you have the opportunity to fine-tune your lead generation campaigns significantly.

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