Quizzes are a highly effective tool in any lead generation strategy. Unlike traditional lead forms, quizzes are fun, interactive, and designed to keep your audience’s attention for longer. If they are planned properly, they can be relevant to any type of industry, from corporate sectors such as finance all the way to consumer-based businesses such as online stores. This approach is a type of gamification that can help drive conversion.

The aim of quizzes is twofold. Firstly, you want to engage potential leads in a way that is subtle and not overly salesy. You want them to be thinking about your business in a roundabout way, without introducing your offer just yet. Secondly, you also want to get information from prospective leads taking your quiz. A carefully positioned lead form can be highly effective at getting information.

The good news is that you don’t have to go all out with advanced apps and tools to get the benefit of quizzes. You can create simple yet effective quizzes with minimal effort. In this guide, we share some ideas on how you can use quizzes in your lead generation strategy.

Using Quizzes in Your Lead Generation Strategy

Here are a couple of ideas on how you can add quizzes to your lead generation strategy.

Keep topics relevant

If you have a store that specialises in women’s handbags, you want a quiz that targets potential customers. You could do a quiz on which handbag style is best for moms, what handbag content says about readers, what handbag styles say about readers or any other topic relating to handbags on a broader level. You can even go broader still by making fashion or accessory-themed quizzes targeted to your ideal shopper.

Make quizzes engaging

Quizzes are meant to be fun and interactive. If you are not engaging your audience, you are wasting time and effort. Multiple-choice questions are easy and interactive, which is why these are the most commonly used quizzes. You can also do Facebook quizzes, using the question feature. Getting people to comment can help drive engagement and traffic. Ideally, however, you want to bring people to your website, where they can take the quiz online. It’s also essential to keep quizzes short and sweet. Long enough to get them to stay a bit but not so long that they get bored. Aim for about three minutes for the best results.

Position lead forms carefully

A basic form with name and email is perfect. You could also ask for additional information but this is best for quizzes that are highly targeted to specific people. For example, someone looking for real estate help would be far more likely to give out information that could help them get started after doing a quiz on the best time to buy a house. Someone taking a fun quiz on handbag styles may not want to give out more information than absolutely necessary. For placement, you want to position the form between the last question and the final results of the quiz. Encouraging potential leads to complete their details to get their results is your goal here. While we’re talking about lead forms, it’s also good to know that people are only likely to fill out a form if they have an interest in the niche. Viral quizzes that serve little real purpose besides generating likes are not likely to result in many targeted leads. Relevant quizzes that offer genuine value will have better results.

Lead Generation Quizzes

As a final note, be sure to add to your quiz by choosing eye-catching titles, high-quality graphics and other elements that prevent quizzes from being boring. This will help you see great results from your lead generation efforts.

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