If you haven’t started already, then you’d better get on with preparing your ecommerce marketing strategy for the 2021 holiday season.

Every year, retail markets – both physical and online – enjoy a significant spike in sales during the December holiday season. Much of this has to do with the tradition of Christmas gift-giving. Research shows that, typically, consumers start planning their gift purchases in late October already.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, consumers’ preference for online shopping has increased dramatically. According to the GetApp eCommerce Global Survey 2020, as much as 60% of consumers surveyed reported that they were more likely to do their Christmas shopping online as opposed to traditional physical retail stores.

One of the main reasons was, of course, the pandemic. Lockdowns and a general sense of caution meant that more people ended up shopping from home.

However, numerous other factors were also quoted as primary reasons for a preference trending towards ecommerce. A Mckinsey 2020 report showed that 48% of consumers who choose online shopping over physical retail stores do so because of better prices and promotions available online. Another major factor was that ecommerce stores boast better stock variety and availability.

Here are some strategic ideas to help you make the most of the 2021 holiday season.

Ecommerce Holiday Season Tips

1. Update

The first thing you should do is update your website to acknowledge and highlight the 2021 holiday season. The design of your website should incorporate holiday-themed imagery, wording, and colour combinations. This immediately lets your customers know that you’re as invested in the holiday season as they are. Moreover, it lets customers know that you’re active and current, which improves trust.

Customers who buy online often report that the biggest dissuader from making a purchase is the sense of risk. To mitigate this sense of risk, you need to generate trust. To this end, there is nothing that will kill ecommerce quicker than a website that was last updated five years ago. Moreover, making your checkout procedure as simple as possible will ensure that customers aren’t scared aware at the point of purchase. Consider making guest checkouts an option.

Importantly, your updated site should highlight your holiday season special offers, sales, and prices – preferably on your landing page. Eliminate clutter and streamline your design to funnel customers straight to where you want them to be – the checkout aisle with a basket full of goodies.

2. Prepare

You should expect to have significantly increased traffic on your website. To prepare, you should ensure that your website speed and security are in tip-top shape and able to handle the uptick in traffic. Upgrade your hosting if you need to. Do whatever it takes to ensure stability because now is not the time for your website to go down.

This includes making sure that your third-party app and plugin integrations are up to date and working as needed. Moreover, once they’ve been tested and verified, you should refrain from adding more until the season is over. Adding extra apps or plugins to your website can cause slowdowns or outright breakdowns – which you want to avoid at all costs.

3. Testing

Another aspect of preparation is exhaustive testing. Make sure all aspects of your website load correctly, that all of your links work properly and that your website runs quickly. One of the biggest reasons that customers will leave a website is slow loading times, so make sure yours loads like a dream.

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