2022 marks our third year of life since the outbreak of Covid-19, which caused a rapid upswing in ecommerce marketing thanks to social distancing measures and lockdowns. It could be argued that the growth in ecommerce caused by the virus will be permanent, even as the rate of growth tapers off somewhat.

Ecommerce Marketing Trends

As online shopping continues to become increasingly popular for consumers, we reviewed the latest trends in ecommerce marketing and discussed how we at Open Circle Solutions expect them to play out over 2022.

Chat Bots

More and more people going online to do their shopping means that more people require customer service online. With artificial intelligence (AI) advancing in leaps and bounds every day, chatbots have become so sophisticated that they are quickly replacing humans as customer service agents. Many customers like chatbots because they respond decisively and immediately. No more need to wait in queues on the phone trying to get through to a call centre.

More Payment Options

The logic is simple: The easier you make it for people to pay, the more likely you will get their money. If paying is a complex and arduous task, many customers simply give up. What’s more, an interesting paradox occurs when companies try to make online payments so secure and safe that they actually break trust with customers by making them jump through a hundred hoops before they can make a purchase.

If you make payments simple and offer a variety of mechanisms through which customers can pay, you’ll end up with a lot more online sales.

Video Content

As Internet speeds have become more reliable and data costs get lower and lower, consumers’  appetite for video content increases. Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important online marketing mediums. Whether you’re creating adverts, advice, or how-to videos, or even using social media influencers to review or unbox your product, video marketing is likely to have a much wider reach than any other kind of online marketing approach.

Augmented And Virtual Reality

State-of-the-art ecommerce websites are offering virtual showrooms and product visuals to give customers something akin to a hands-on experience with their products. Customers increasingly want to be able to try the product out virtually before they buy it. Having such features creates a sense of trust and will ensure reduced returns and refunds because customers will be more sure of what they’re purchasing.

Delivery Methods

People are more and more unwilling to pay high fees for the convenience of deliveries when, in many cases, ordering online for delivery is the only feasible way to get certain products. Consumers don’t want to be punished by paying exorbitant delivery surcharges. Increasingly, ecommerce enterprises are finding ways to either incorporate delivery costs into the product’s price or find some other way to get it done so that the customer isn’t saddled with an additional shipping fee.

There are many more fascinating trends taking place in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce marketing. Be at the forefront of the ecommerce revolution by getting a team of experts from Open Circle Solutions to help you transform your business.

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