The ecommerce market largely refers to the private sale of online physical goods to end-users; this includes Business To Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) sales. Other examples of ecommerce include the digital distribution of services, e.g. travel arrangements, event tickets and accommodation, and paid media downloads or streaming services. Online private sales between consumers are also considered ecommerce but often do not require the scope of ecommerce marketing services offered by digital marketing agencies.

Did you know that organic search drives an average of 43% of overall ecommerce revenue? However, most online stores are not designed with search engines in mind.

Getting your website to rank high for valuable content may seem overwhelming at first, but once you reach Google’s first three results, you can practically automate your sales funnel without incurring any additional fees. Find out why SEO is essential for ecommerce survival.

What Exactly Is Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is a form of ecommerce marketing that mainly focuses on increasing the visibility of your online store on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), and performance is measured by your website’s ranking.

Thanks to Google’s modern and visually appealing SERP elements, such as the structured data rich snippets, “People Also Ask” box, “People Also Search For” section, and the highlighted results at the top of the page, your website has a greater chance of attracting new visitors than ever before.

Ecommerce sites often have a higher number of pages than other sites in terms of SEO because each product with a URL is seen as a new page. Because of this, businesses need to consider:

  • Site architecture for improving organic rankings.
  • Product prioritisation and segmentation for optimised user experience.

Internet Resources Are An Integral Part Of The Online Shopping Experience

An estimated 94% of B2B buyers say they do online research before making a purchase. The top three places on SERPs earn an average of 75.1% of all clicks, meaning brands that don’t leverage and implement SEO to improve their organic rankings for their ecommerce website risk being left behind.

Both B2C and B2C consumers see Internet resources as an integral part of their online shopping experience. The internet can be used to learn more about products and the businesses selling to them.

Organic SEO Benefits Ecommerce Websites Because:

  • An established online presence garners trust in your brand. When your brand logo, colours, and name are recognisable and have a reputable online presence, your prospects will feel more trusting to complete transactions.
  • It includes the practice of providing your user with valuable content that addresses potential pain points and product troubleshooting as well as promotional updates. This nurtures long-term brand loyalty.
  • Tracking your clients’ behaviours on your website becomes easier when you pay attention to SEO. These metrics indicate site traffic volume, length of time spent on each page, bounce rates as well as the percentage of carts abandoned and repeat customers.

Get Your Ecommerce Website On Top Of The SERPs

It is the job of Google’s algorithm to identify the most beneficial information for the user, and therefore customers associate high SERP ranks with businesses considered industry leaders. Therefore, placing importance on SEO is vital to the longevity of your ecommerce business.

Open Circle Solution’s innovative approach to ecommerce SEO will undoubtedly add value. We ensure that your ecommerce site is found online but that your business gains new customers and keeps existing customers returning. With substantial experience in the ecommerce sector, we can provide powerful ecommerce marketing solutions for e-tailers of all sizes.

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