Digital advertising offers a number of benefits to your business, from increased engagement to brand recognition, conversion and traffic. How can you be truly sure that your efforts are adding real value however?

It can be hard to see results right away, for any type of marketing campaign. Unlike other forms of promotion however, digital advertising has a few benchmarks that can be easily tracked. Knowing what sort of return to look for when evaluating your digital ad success is vital to be sure that you are getting real value from your efforts instead of wasting time and resources.

How to determine the value of your digital advertising efforts

There are many, many criteria to consider when assessing the ROI of your digital marketing efforts. The simplest things to look for however include the following:

Traffic: This is fairly easy to track. If you are getting increased clicks to your website or promoted pages, you will see an increase in web traffic. You will also be able to determine where the traffic originates from, giving you clear, easy to view data on whether or not your campaign is getting any traffic.

Engagement: Sometimes, it’s not about the number of clicks but how people engage with your brand. Typical signs of engagement include Facebook and Twitter likes, comments and shares. It could also include interaction on blogs, as well.

Exposure: Recognition and overall brand exposure is another way to monitor real ROI. This determines how many people view your content as well as how many share your content. On social media, this could include the post reach. If your ads are simply not being seen, it is a clear sign that you are wasting time and money on your current ad strategy.

Conversion: Last, but certainly not least, we have conversion – the ideal goal of any ad campaign. Conversion can be defined by any number of actions. It could be enquiries, actual sales, new followers, shares, downloads or any other action that you are trying to encourage users to take. If you are getting traffic, but those visitors are not converting, it could be a sign that your campaign is not adding enough value.

Investing in an experienced digital marketing specialist who can create powerful ad campaigns that are targeted to your ideal message, audience and platform is the best way to get real value from your campaigns. To find out more about getting started with digital advertising, leave a reply below.

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