When is the best time to shake things up with your digital marketing campaign? Is it a good idea to make changes when you don’t really need to? Or, should you be changing your campaign strategies on a regular basis?

The simple answer to this question is that your campaign can and should be changed at any point that helps you convert more effectively. If you are not seeing results from any given campaign, or you have made a terrible social media mistake that has cost you followers and reputation, changes are most certainly a good idea. That does not mean that the old adage of not fixing things that aren’t broken always applies, however. Sometimes, your marketing campaign may not be broken exactly, but rather simply at a crossroads.

When to Refresh Your Marketing Campaign

Some of the most common times that change is likely the best choice for your marketing campaign include the following:

  • Your offering has changed. Whether you have added a new product line, refocused your service packages or simply grown your offering, this is always a good time to take a look at how your campaign can evolve. Scalability should always be top of mind when adding or changing products. Your campaigns should grow as your offering grows, so that campaigns can organically evolve without the risk of a blurred or diluted message.
  • Your audience has changed. If you have added a new market, or your original market has changed along the way, you will most certainly need to refresh your campaign. This also applies to location changes – especially if you have been investing in local marketing strategies.
  • Your goals have changed. When your goals have shifted, your entire campaign needs to be reviewed to be sure that it is still designed to help you achieve these goals. You may find that certain trends and technologies have paved the way for a change of objective, or that you need to start over again from scratch to create a campaign that closely aligned to your core goals.
  • Your message has changed. On a similar note, it’s also a good idea to refresh your strategies if your message has changed. Going back to our earlier point on scalability, businesses often need to adapt and grow. If your message is no longer relevant, you cannot risk an outdated campaign that can cause damage to your revised brand.
  • Your branding has changed. On that note, rebranding is also a good time to change things up with your marketing efforts. Changing your branding without investing in an entirely new campaign across the board can cost you loyal followers and brand advocates. Inc.com has some hilariously painful examples of rebrands gone wrong that show just how dangerous it can be to not approach your brand change and resultant campaign carefully.

The simplest way to move through these crossroads is to invest in an experienced marketing agency who is able to help you plan a powerful, results-driven campaign designed to help you thrive. To learn more about getting started, simply leave a message below or get in touch with us for more information on our unique marketing campaign solutions.

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