Small business SEO is something that no business owner can afford to overlook. Whether you have recently started a business, or you are trying to take your business to the next level, there are a number of mistakes that can make all the difference between being found online and being lost on page six forever.

Which mistakes cost you the most? What is the impact of these small business SEO mistakes? Why should you invest in professional help from an experience search engine specialist? Keep reading to find out.

Avoid These Small Business SEO Mistakes

Some of the biggest mistakes to make when it comes to small business SEO include the following:

  1. Not working with an experienced agency. Above all else, it is a huge mistake to assume that just because your business is small, it does not need expert help. If you are serious about growing your results, you need to invest in an SEO agency that helps your website get found in the SERPs. Without help, you will not find the direction you need to develop a scalable strategy that will grow as you grow.
  2. Not utilising local SEO. If your business is a brick and mortar business that has a local following, you are missing out on the many benefits that local SEO has to offer. Instead of trying to compete with big brands that typically have global audiences, you can fine-tune your efforts within your primary area of operation. To take advantage of local SEO, you will need to find an agency who can assist you with listing your business on Google and optimising your site for local search.
  3. Using competitive keywords. Trying to rank for highly competitive terms is never a good idea, either. This is once again why it is so important to work with an agency or SEO specialist who is able to help you develop a strategy that is focused on low and medium competition phrases that are better suited to smaller businesses. Unless you have the budget and reach to compete with large scale businesses, you will get lost in a sea of competitors otherwise.

When it comes to ranking and competing online, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes.Simply put, to stand out from the crowd and find your place amidst larger businesses, you need a solid small business SEO strategy that is easy to implement, and geared towards realistic growth.

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