Are you using lead scoring to help you separate the lukewarm leads from the warm leads? If not, you may be missing out on a way to convert more leads. This strategy goes hand in hand with lead nurturing strategies such as market segmentation and lead profiling to help you perfect your lead generation efforts in a way that converts more easily.

Think about it this way… your sales team spend their time following up with a wide variety of leads each and every day. With a limited amount of time in the day, they need to spend it wisely. Either they waste valuable time following up leads that don’t have much chance of converting, or they spend their time wisely, focusing on the leads that are most likely to continue along the sales funnel. There are a number of actions that can be scored for each lead:

  • Website visits
  • Pricing page views
  • Slider views
  • Downloads
  • Email link clicks
  • Contact page visits

Needless to say, your sales team’s time is far better spent on the leads who are actively viewing contact details, pricing or other relevant information on your site than those who have not visited your site or shown any interest in finding out what you offer. This is where lead scoring comes in…

Top Reasons to Use Lead Scoring

Simply put, lead scoring allows you to focus on the leads that matter. Some of the top benefits that it has to offer include the following:

  1. It allows you to prioritise leads. Rather than wasting time on cold or lukewarm leads, you can segment and prioritise your leads according to their level of interest that they have shown. This will make it far easier to follow up with leads that are already primed to purchase. It will also increase your conversion rate, specifically because leads are at a higher stage in the lead funnel.
  2. It allows you to further tailor your messages. When used alongside market segmentation, it allows enables you to create highly tailored messages according to the level of interest leads have shown. For example, if a lead has clicked on your pricing page a few times without making contact, you could send them a special discount or a pricelist. Or, if a lead has visited your website without clicking through to pricing or contact, you could send them information on your company.
  3. It creates a smoother transition between marketing and sales. Last, but not least, scoring your leads also helps hand-overs from marketing to sales teams, allowing sales teams to close the deal. Because information on interests and behaviour has been determined by the scoring process, it will be far easier for sales teams to seal the deal as well.

How has your business benefited from lead scoring? Share your experience in lead scoring in the comments below to let us know how well it works for you.

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