There is no doubt that a mobile marketing strategy can offer a way to reach more people. We Are Social published a 2016 report that shows just how quickly mobile is growing. This report states that there were 85.53 million mobile connections in South Africa in 2016. 92% of South Africa’s adult population owns a phone, with smartphones making up 60% of the total phone percentage. This is compared to desktop or laptop ownership, with was just 19% in the 2016 report.

What You Need for a Winning Mobile Marketing Strategy

What this means for businesses is that a mobile marketing strategy is essential in order to reach the huge number of people who are actively using mobile in SA.

What exactly do you need to achieve success with your mobile marketing strategy? Let’s take a look…

1. Local content

The very nature of mobile means that users typically find products, services and information on the go. Local content is the most effective way to reach users in real time. This can be achieved through a mobile keyword strategy that uses relevant local phrases that help users find what they need quickly and simply. To use an example, someone doing a mobile search for a local restaurant would not enter a phrase such as ‘restaurants in cape town’. Instead, they would enter something like ‘restaurants near me’.

2. Responsive design

Along with highly targeted, local content, you will also need a responsive design that works on any device. Keeping in mind that smartphones are quickly outpacing desktop computers when it comes to how people access the internet, optimising for smartphones is essential. But you should also be sure that your website can be accessed from a tablet, desktop and even e-reader as well. If content cannot easily be viewed, you will quickly lose your mobile traffic.

3. User experience

That brings us to our final important ingredient. Ultimately, it is all about the user experience. The same is true of any type of marketing, certainly. But to avoid making mobile marketing mistakes, you will need to ensure that you are catering to your primary audience. Pop-ups and other ads, content and design that are not optimised for mobile devices,links and buttons that are hard to find or click, and an overall ease of use are all critical to your mobile campaign success.

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