Thinking about hiring an agency to assist with optimised content marketing? Many companies assume that writing for search engines is the same as writing for human beings. In reality, SEO content is a highly specialised field that aims to create content that is not only easy to read, but also optimised for search engines.

Why Content Writing Should Reach People and Search Engines

Why is it so important that content writing does not only cater to one of the above? For starters, if you do not consider website ranking factors or keywords at all, you are losing out on the chance to reach your audience. Likewise, if you are focusing so much on your onsite factors that you come across like a robot, you won’t win anyone over, either.

Content writing should therefore ideally appeal to both people and search engines. To do so, the following needs to be considered:


Although there are many readability tools that claim to help SEO content, nothing can replace content that is geared towards your key audience. To trouble with writing only for search engines is that content ends up sounding forced and unnatural. The general rule of thumb is that you should never use keywords that cannot easily be used within the content. If you are trying to rank for a page using a keyword phrase such as ‘poodle grooming affordable’, it will become a challenge to use this naturally. A term such as ‘affordable poodle grooming’ meanwhile sounds more natural.


The minimum amount of content required for SEO is 300 words. That does not mean that you should always only write the minimum. Many experts advise long form content of a thousand words or more, but that is not always practical, either. Ideally, you should aim to write pages that can be read easily, while getting your main points across. That could be 400 words or 500 – as long as the content adds value, the length is not all important.


Not only should content be easy to read, it should also be written well. It may sound like a good way to save money by outsourcing your content to an SEO agency in India. Getting content done at the lowest cost will get you the lowest quality content. Ideally, you want to find an agency that works with experienced writers who are able to provide content that adds genuine value.

Unless you have ample experience in writing for SEO, it is a good idea to consider working with a professional writer who is able to offer content that is geared towards helping your site grow online. That is your best chance of getting full value from content writing.

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