Not too long ago, we shared some tips on how to tell whether your lead nurturing strategy was working or not. In this guide, we looked at the top warning signs that changes is needed, from lack of conversion to a higher bounce rate.

While we have looked at how to tell whether your efforts are failing, we have not yet taken a deeper look at WHY your lead nurturing strategies are not getting you anywhere. As with many things, it is the ‘why’ that can often help you determine exactly where you are going wrong.

Why It May Be Time for a New Lead Nurturing Strategy

Wondering why that unsubscribe rate seems to be increasing? Not sure why you never seem to get many clicks, despite all the time and effort you seem to be putting into your lead nurturing campaigns? Your lead nurturing strategy failure may just come down to the following reasons…

  • You are not scoring your leads. Are you putting your effort into the leads that are most likely to convert? Or, are you wasting time on cold or lukewarm leads that are not going anywhere? Lead scoring is easily one of the most effective ways to reduce wasted time and resources by scoring leads according to the level of interest shown. By focusing on leads that have clicked through to your pricing or contact page, for example, you will have far more chance of taking those leads through your funnel to seal the deal. If, on the other hand, you are also following up with leads that have not visited your website at all, you will end up feeling like you are going around and around in circles to no avail.
  • You are not segmenting your lists. Another reason that will certainly see you stagnate is a lack of market segmentation. If you are sending the same message to every person in your database, you are like likely to get very far. As the saying goes, you can’t be everything to everyone. Segmenting your lists is a highly effective way to reach the right people in the right way. You can segment by demographic factors such as gender, age and location, or you could use deeper criteria such as behaviour to develop highly targeted messages that are meaningful and relevant.
  • You are not creating realistic sales funnels. Yet another reason that you may not be getting where comes down to your sales funnel. Do you have a realistic funnel in place that is designed to reach your leads at the right time, with the right message? Trying to convert leads before they are ready can backfire very quickly. It is far better to have a funnel that enables a natural progression – even if it takes longer. In lead nurturing, it is most certainly a marathon rather than a sprint.

What have you found to have the most impact in your lead generation strategies? Share your biggest lead nurturing strategy mistake and let us know why it had such a huge effect on your results.

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