A proper lead generation strategy offers one of the most effective ways to convert more customers and grow your business holistically. Although most companies using this strategy have aligned their marketing and sales teams, many forget to include customer service teams in their efforts.

Aligning Lead Generation and Customer Service

Your customer service team could be considered your boots on the ground. This team is often the one who has a deeper understanding of what your customers want. With the help of tools such as email marketing, behavioral marketing and CRM, you have the ability to align all of your teams efficiently.

How can you align your lead generation efforts with your customer service strategies? For starters, consider the following tips:

Use customer feedback

Your customers play an integral role in your future success. Interactions that you have with your customers provide valuable feedback that can be used to improve your offerings. Whether it is perfecting the way that you deal with customers, improving your services or products, or even re-thinking your marketing goals to be more customer-centric, this type of feedback is hugely useful. This is also why it is so useful to consider tools such as CRM systems to help you streamline both your customer service and lead generation efforts.

Focus on lead nurturing strategies

Although it may seem the same, there is quite a difference between nurturing leads through highly targeted sales funnels, and blindly attempting to push customers from their initial enquiry to their sale. In theory, you should be able to use the same strategy with every lead. In reality, a one size fits all approach never works. With a lead nurturing approach, you can use strategies such as segmentation and lead scoring to ensure that you get the most from your lead nurturing efforts.

Deliver a consistent experience

Finally, the thing that could easily make the biggest difference if you want to ensure that your marketing, sales and customer service teams are all on the same page is without a doubt consistency. If your branding and messaging is all over the place, it will become far harder for your teams to collaborate effectively. If, on the other hand, you are consistent with your approach, it will be easier to on-board tools and strategies that can be used internally by all departments.

One of the many reasons to consider an multi-channel, integrated marketing strategy is that it incorporates all of your departments, strategies and efforts. When lead generation works with customer service, the result is genuine, long-lasting growth.

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