Without a good ecommerce marketing strategy, you may find it an uphill struggle to get your store from zero to hero. As the rate of ecommerce websites continues to rise both locally in South Africa and further afield, strategy can all too often be the thing that separates a successful store from one that battles to get off the ground.

How do you ensure that your ecommerce marketing strategy is more hit than miss? For starters, you can consider these essential elements that will help you create a strategy geared towards optimal conversion.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Essentials

Some of the most important things to keep front of when starting an ecommerce marketing strategy include the following:

  1. Your strengths and weaknesses. Being very clear on your current strengths is always useful. Being equally clear on your weaknesses is even more useful. Strategies fail when assumptions and guesstimates replace solid data. What efforts have you been making so far? What has worked, and what has not worked? The clearer your insight into what you realistically have to offer, what you need to look out for and what can separate you from similar stores, the more simple it will be to create a tailored strategy.
  2. Your primary goals. What are your objectives for this month? What about five years down the line? Are you aiming to increase sales, build a customer base, remarket to existing customers, upsell products, enter a new market or gain awareness? Keeping your short and long term goals top of mind is the only way to ensure that your strategy is able to scale as you grow. When you are losing sight of your KPIs and your objectives are not clearly defined, it gets a lot harder to grow holistically.
  3. Your target customer. Another important thing to consider is your customer. Trying to appeal to everyone is the quickest way to appeal to no one. If your strategy does not include lead generation strategies such as lead scoring, persona based email marketing, personalisation and tailored sales funnels, you will battle to find your dream customer. This is why it is vital to choose a strategy that incorporates a full range of channels in a way that helps you target more effectively.

Wondering whether it is worth thinking about a new strategy for your store? Find out why you should invest in ecommerce marketing to get a better idea of the benefits that this type of strategy has to offer.

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