If you are not using a lead scoring model as part of your lead generation strategy, you may be missing out on a huge chance to perfect your processes. While scoring leads is a good start, you first need to develop a model that can be used across your company for best results. This is the most effective way to ensure that you are focusing on the leads that are most likely to convert.

Why is it so important to have a lead scoring model, though? And, more to the point, how can you develop a model that works for your business? Let’s take a look.

Top Reasons to Use a Lead Scoring Model

Some of the biggest benefits of a lead scoring model include the following:

  • It brings your sales and marketing teams together. Without a defined model in place that clearly outlines how leads are scored, chaos can quickly take over. As such, a scoring model is the best way to have sales and marketing teams on the same page. This, in turn, helps to encourage collaboration, communication, teamwork and a vastly improved lead cycle.
  • It helps you measure your progress accurately. At the same time, this model will also help you measure your progress in the best way possible, across sales and marketing efforts. As a result, you will be able to focus your time on the best converting channels, while also avoiding wasted efforts on channels that may not be working.
  • It helps you perfect your sales funnel. When you are putting more thought into your lead nurturing strategies, you will soon be able to determine sales-ready, high quality leads more quickly and easily. You will also be able to tweak your processes to consistently increase the quality of your leads.

To get started with your lead scoring model, you will need to get your marketing and sales teams together. From there, you can map out your processes. You can begin by determining what is most important for a lead score. When you have a clear idea of what a high quality lead looks like, what you will measure and what your customer journey will look like, and how you will approach potential leads it will be a lot easier to finalise your model.

From there, you can begin your lead generation efforts, knowing that your lead scoring model is ready to help make the process more streamlined and less cluttered.

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