Lead generation strategies can often seem forced and even unnatural at times. For your leads, how you target and nurture is key to whether or not they move up the cycle. When your strategy is focused too much on conversion, without taking into account the process itself, it becomes easier to miss the mark.

The biggest benefit of taking an organic approach to nurturing is that it offers a far higher chance of conversion. A good strategy will allow you to nurture leads organically rather than force them through a hard sales funnel. In this mini guide, we take a look at how you can connect your digital marketing efforts to nurture leads naturally with the help of holistic lead generation strategies.

Lead Generation Strategies to Nurture Leads Organically

Some of the most effective lead generation strategies to consider for a more organic approach to lead nurturing include the following:

  1. Segment your leads according to their journey. While segmenting your leads by demographics, persona and behavior is a good start, you can go even further by segmenting according to your lead’s journey. This can be done with the help of lead scoring, which allows you to separate warm leads from cold leads. Once you are able to develop highly targeted content that is designed to reach brand new leads, as as well as leads that have completed a pre-defined action, such as downloading an ebook or requesting a quote.
  2. Run a lead nurturing educational campaign. That’s not to say that you cannot nurture leads through search however. The best way to nurture leads naturally is to plan an educational campaign that is designed to built trust. Rather than using this campaign to sell or push leads along the funnel, you will be enticing leads through smart content that educates and informs. All too often, when leads are brought in through searches, it is hard to determine which have commercial intent and which are simply looking for information. Educational campaigns are an effective way to turn information gatherers into potential customers.
  3. Prove your authority by improving your organic search results. Finally, it is worth noting that authority works hand in hand with trust to seal the deal. In order to attract people to your mailing list, you first need to get them onto your landing pages. In order to do this, it is essential to focus on organic SEO strategies that help you position yourself as an authority in your niche. Once you have established your reputation, it will be a lot easier to nurture leads through their cycle.

Ultimately, it is the nurturing that truly drives your success. Learn to lure your leads in naturally through carefully planned lead generation strategies, and you will soon see the difference in your results.

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