Wondering whether now is a good time to look at investing in an SEO strategy? As we enter the first month of 2018, the new year is a great time to strategise and plan.

Why Invest in an SEO Strategy This Year?

To help you get 2018 started on a productive note, we have put together a few of the top benefits that a strategy has to offer. Keep reading to find out why January is the perfect time to think about your SEO strategy.

Some of the biggest advantages of investing in an SEO strategy this month include the following:

1. Stay ahead of algorithm changes and other search trends

SEO is constantly evolving as search engines grow, adapt and evolve. This means that a strategy that works in 2012 will not continue to work year after year. A major reason to invest in a brand new strategy at the start of the year is that it will ensure that you keep up with algorithm changes and any other trends that shape search engine optimisation. To give you an example, 2018 SEO trends include Google’s Mobile First index along with visual search. If you are not prepared for each year’s changes, you may find your website left in the dust of your competitors who are prepared.

2. Identify core challenges and opportunities

At the same time, a renewed strategy also helps you identify major challenges and opportunities for the year ahead. Starting the year with a brand new, highly targeted strategy is the best way to start off on the right note. If you spent a large portion of 2017 updating your content, you may find that this year you need to look at making your website more responsive. You may find that outbound SEO is something to focus on, or that guest posting is something that has been wasting precious time and effort.

3. Align your digital marketing goals

A new strategy will also help you align your broader digital marketing strategies and goals. Many businesses see SEO as something that exists alone rather than part of the bigger picture. Essentially, a good strategy should always be holistic in a way that works with your additional strategies. Whether you are putting more focus on SEM, social media, lead generation, content marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing or a bit of everything this year, aligning your goals is crucial if you want to see results. This is where a strategy comes in to tie everything together cohesively.

Starting the new year with a fresh carefully planned SEO strategy is the most effective way to ensure that your website is ready for the year ahead, whatever it may bring.

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