If one of your goals for 2018 is finding a local SEO company to help you grow your presence online, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

Choosing a Local SEO Company

In this context, local SEO company is not just a term for a company based in your part of the woods, but also a term that describes a company that has a deep understanding of the benefits of local SEO. This understanding is especially useful for small neighbourhood businesses such as restaurants, shops, plumbers, beauticians, medical practices, and other businesses that have a fixed location.

Some of the things that a good local SEO company should offer include the following:

NAP listings

A solid understanding of NAP listings is essential. Thanks to Google my Business, small and local businesses have the ability to be found by customers from their initial search. Google needs these listings to be accurate in order for customers to find your business easily. If you have a few old listings, some of which have details for your former branch, others with the new branch, one or two that spell your company name or street name incorrectly, and a couple that have other inconsistencies, search engines will battle to know which information is correct.

Mobile SEO

This year, mobile SEO is more important than ever before, as we prepare for Google to begin its Mobile First era. Once algorithms begin to favour mobile searches, websites that are not responsive will start to fall beyond. A deep understanding of mobile search terms is also highly useful for small and local businesses such as shops, restaurants, cafes and services that reply on on-the-go searches.

SEO content

A good local search engine optimisation expert will also have a clear plan in mind on how to drive more traffic and engagement with SEO content. Whether that means area-focused content and keywords, or an entire strategy designed to help you stand out in your neighbourhood, content is king, and will likely remain king for the foreseeable future.

Organic SEO

Another thing to look for is an agency that understands organic SEO. Whether you have a small shop or a chain of restaurants that all require strategic, out-of-the-box solutions, organic strategies focus on building credibility and links without paid listings. This plays a vital part in growing your business in a way that is affordable, holistic and sustainable. Even if you decide to include SEM at a later stage, this can often be a good way to get started in the meantime when your budget is smaller.

Once you find the right local SEO company, you should start seeing a slow but steady impact on your results.

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