Lead scoring best practices do not need to be complicated or even challenging. If one of your goals for the new year ahead is to develop and fine-tune a lead scoring matrix with your lead generation campaign, starting out in a way that allows you to easily scale your efforts is the best way forward.

Simple but Effective Lead Scoring Best Practices

To help you get started on the right foot, we have put together a list of lead scoring best practices to keep in mind.

Some of the simplest lead scoring best practices to consider include the following:

Score page views

You should be assigning scores for all relevant page views. Simply put, the more pages that are accessed by any potential lead, the more likely it is that they are interested in what you have to say. This should never be the only score you consider. Instead, use this data along with the data below to create your scores.

Score page content

That brings us to ur next point. The content and focus of the page are far more important than the visit. You may have a large number of repeat visits to your careers page, for example, which is used by job seekers rather than potential customers. The pages that are most relevant include contact pages, check-out pages, product pages, FAQ pages, customer review pages, and any other page that indicates interest.

Score number of visits

Scoring leads according to the number of times they visit your website is another good way to gauge interest. Many people browse, leave, return and browse again before purchasing. Some will visit websites a number of times before they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

Score converted offers

Even more interesting is the number of offers that have been converted already. Those who have signed up for a free ebook or guide, those who have accepted a token, those who have tried a free trial, and those who have converted any other offer should all be scored accordingly.

Score off-site engagement

You should also look at email engagement in the forms of clicks and open rates, as well as engagement across any other channels, including social media. If potential leads are engaging with any content you share off-site, they should be scored accordingly.

Score negatives

If leads unsubscribe from any of your emails, stop engaging with any social media or email marketing content, stop visiting your website, do not attempt to make contact, or do not show any further interest, assign a negative score so that your sales team can focus on the leads most likely to convert.

Now that you have a better idea of lead scoring best practices, you can start perfecting your lead generation strategy in a way that is designed for optimal growth.

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