As a small business owner, you may already be putting some thought into lead generation strategies. Every action that you perform will contribute in some way to how easily you bring in new leads.

Essential Lead Generation Strategies for Your Small Business

Without the luxury of a large sales team or marketing department, smaller businesses often need to get a bit more creative when considering lead generation strategies. In order to get results, there are a few ideas that may come in handy.

Some of the most effective ways to benefit from your lead generation strategies include the following:

1. Know your audience

As a small business owner, you may have more insight into your audience than a larger business that does not interact directly with customers. One of the most important steps in the lead nurturing process is to be clear about who you are nurturing. Who is your ideal customer? How are you targeting your ideal audience? Segmentation and personalisation are just some of the strategies you will need to consider.

2. Focus on the leads that count

Lead scoring is equally important. Unlike a large company that has a dedicated marketing team, small businesses often need to do everything alone or with little to no help. Lead scoring helps to separate the valid leads from the cold leads, allowing you to focus on the ones most likely to convert.

3. Grow your email list

A mistake that many smaller businesses make is to focus so much on social media that they forget the value in owning their own audience lists. Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses, it helps you grow your lists in a way that gives you full control over email addresses and other data.

4. Choose the channels that matter

That’s not to say that social media is not an effective way to generate leads. Ideally, a cross channel marketing approach is the most effective way to benefit from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other channels that may be driving leads. Combined with email, mobile, SEO (speaking of SEO, check out this lead conversion squared review), blogging, and video, for example, this gives you the best chance of reaching leads holistically.

5. Invest in quality content

Content forms the backbone of many campaigns. Whether you invest in content marketing, or you simply put more focus on your company blog, newsletters or even video content, don’t underestimate the value that content has to offer your business as it grows. Content helps to build connections, grow trust and establish relationships, all of which are essential for lead nurturing.

Once you start to think out of the box a bit, you will find that your lead generation strategies begin to generate results.

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