How do you know when your social media marketing campaign is dead? Aside from following your stats closely, it is not always as easy to see that things are going wrong. As Facebook and other social networks continue to change the way that people interact with brand pages and groups, a number of pages are slipping through the cracks.

Social Media Strategy Warning Signs You Won’t Want to Ignore

If you have noticed a reduction in social media engagement lately, and you have put it down to these algorithm changes, it would be very wise to first take a look to see what else has been going wrong. From there, you can quickly determine whether you are losing followers from a few changes or from a social media strategy that is badly in need of replacement.

Some of the warning signs that may indicate the need for an updated social media strategy include the following:

Low engagement

If reactions, comments and shares have dwindled over the last few weeks, take a good hard look at your strategy. Although the constantly changing algorithms of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can affect your engagement, you should not see a huge drop. Consider what you have been sharing lately. Are you still actively working to engage followers, or have you been simply sharing your own content blindly without any real interaction or thought?

No new messages

Likewise, having no messages can also be a sign that people are no longer responding to your content. If you frequently received messages, which then began to trickle to nothing, you may not have strong enough calls to action. You may not be appealing to your target customer any longer. Try testing a few different CTAs to see if that helps, otherwise, it may be time to look at a refreshed strategy.

Poor reviews

It is impossible to avoid reviews. In fact, it is not about getting poor reviews at all, but rather, how you handle your reviews. If you have been getting a lot of three, two or one star reviews, before you remove the review feature completely, stop to think about what people are saying. Have you been posting content that angers, disappoints or upsets your audience? Has the quality of your content slipped? Stop to think about whether the concerns being voiced are valid. You can then aim to improve and grow in a way that brings in four and five star reviews.

High unfollow rate

If people are leaving in droves, it is a clear sign that you are no longer meeting their need for updates. While some of this comes to natural churn, it may also be due to the type of content you have been sharing lately. People follow brands not only to stay updated on new products and services but also to ask questions, talk to you, learn about your industry and stay entertained. If you have not been meeting any of these goals, you may find that your strategy is outdated and ready to be revived.

Essentially, if you stay on track of your stats and focus on consistently fine-tuning your social media strategy, you should see a difference in your results.

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