Wondering whether you really need a social media marketing strategy, or if it is better to keep on winging it? Many businesses feel that investing in a strategy is something that only large businesses need to do. If you’ve mostly been managing on your own, but you don’t really feel like you are getting anywhere, it may be because you are lacking direction.

Signs It’s Time for a New Social Media Marketing Strategy

Ultimately, unless you have ample experience in social media, your business will certainly benefit from a social media marketing strategy. To give you some idea of the value a fresh social media strategy adds, the following warning signs are worth noting.

If you can relate to one or more of the following, it is definitely worthwhile investing in a new social media marketing strategy…

You are running out of inspiration

If you are simply finding that you battle to come up with fresh ideas, a strategy is a good way to inject fresh ideas. Whether you promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn, or a combination of these channels, it is not always as easy as it seems to continually keep your pages updated. One of the quickest ways to lose followers and interest is boring content that is rehashed over and over again. A unique content strategy will give you the shake up you need to grow your results.

You are not seeing any engagement

On a similar note, if you are sharing content every day, without seeing any comments, likes, shares or engagement, your social media content may not be reaching your audience. Generally speaking, people share content that is thought-provoking, relevant, amusing, sad, interesting or meaningful in some way. If your feeds are mostly made up of self-promotional posts that add no real value, without any images, video or open-ended questions, a new strategy will help you see more engagement through targeted post ideas that appeal to your followers.

You are battling to grow a following

If, on the other hand, you get a few likes now and then, and even a couple of comments, but your numbers are simply not growing, a strategy may also be useful. Although it is never a good idea to assume that more followers will mean better success, you do still want to see some signs of growth. Even a few new followers each week helps. A revised strategy will help you perfect your content so that you bring in new followers. Your strategy could also include a select number of sponsored posts that are targeted at your ideal audience.

Ultimately, your business is worth the investment. A fresh social media marketing strategy has the power to bring you the results you have always wanted, making it worth every cent.

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