If you have been wondering how to nurture B2C retail leads in a way that ensures growth in the short and long term, you may be wondering which strategies add the most value. B2C lead nurturing is designed to help you target customers in a way that increases sales, drives loyalty and ensures both customer acquisition and customer retention. Unlike B2B strategies, B2C strategies are often more direct.

Simple Ways to Nurture B2C Retail Leads

In this guide, we take a look at three simple ways that you can start to nurture B2C leads organically. Keep reading to find out how to nurture your retail leads through smart ecommerce marketing.

Some of the simplest ways to nurture B2C leads include the following strategies:

1. Loyalty & other incentives

Loyalty programmes are a great way to nurture leads – especially if there is an incentive for customers to sign up. Personalised sign-up bonuses, referral programmes, freebies and other incentives are also a good way to encourage sign-ups. The trick to doing this properly is to make your offer genuinely useful. That does not mean that you need to spend a fortune, but a small offering that adds real value will be far more effective than an offer that is not relevant, personalised or useful to your ideal customer. One way to ensure that your offer is well-chosen is to consider split testing. This will help you perfect your incentive so that you can continually work towards meeting customer expectations.

2. Shopping cart conversion

One of the biggest challenges for e-tailers is abandoned shopping carts. If you assume that this is something that happens to other stores rather than something that can happen to almost any store, think again. In reality, abandoned carts are extremely common, with more sales being aborted at the last minute than proceeding to completion. While it is impossible to completely prevent carts being left before checkout has been finalised, you can reduce this with the help of shopping cart conversion strategies. These are all essential for effective lead generation, and range from abandoned cart emails to usability testing and various other strategies.

3. Cross channel marketing

Finally, another thing to remember is that every single channel has the power to bring in leads. Social media is a great tool for building awareness and trust, email marketing and lead generation both play an integral role in the nurturing process, mobile marketing helps to reach customers in the now, content marketing and SEO help you turn browsers into customers, SEM also helps to bring in new leads and every other channel plays an equally important role in nurturing B2C leads. Rather than treating each channel as a separate entity, a cross channel marketing approach helps you take a holistic view of the nurturing process. This allows you to reach potential leads at every stage.

Whatever the size or nature of your ecommerce business, it is essential to have a plan in place. Try these tips and you should find it easier to nurture B2C leads effectively.

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