When you have a newly launched shop with just a few products, you may think that ecommerce marketing is far beyond your current vision. This is often seen as something that is limited to large brands and superstores rather than tiny shops.

Ecommerce Marketing Tips for Smaller Shops

In reality, every single online store benefits from ecommerce marketing. Some low-cost, high-impact ecommerce marketing ideas to help you compete with bigger stores include the following:

Sell your brand story

One of the advantages that smaller shops have over big shops is the fact that smaller shops feel more personal to consumers. Take advantage of this by selling your brand story in addition to your products. Consider what you stand for, where you come from, what your passions and values are, or even what sets you apart from other stores in your niche. Use that as your USP and weave your story into your about pages and branding.

Focus on channels that drive sales

Rather than trying to use every single channel, focus on the channels that are adding real value. If you have seen results on your Facebook, YouTube and email marketing efforts, but not so much on Twitter and SEM, you will be essentially wasting time and resources trying to convert on channels that do not show growth. Instead, focus on a few high-performing channels.

Invest in a responsive website

One thing that no shop can afford to do without is a responsive ecommerce website. If your store is not optimised for mobile, you are missing out on a huge chance to reach customers. Rather than spreading your budget out everywhere, focus on the investments that will pay off in the long term. One such investment is a beautifully designed ecommerce site that is fast-loading and easy to use.

Build your mailing list

Having a powerful website is a good step in the right direction. Building a mailing list is an even better step. Many etailers are so focused on growing their presence on social media that they forget about the value of owning their own lists. When you own your list, you will be able to craft lead nurturing campaigns and other campaigns that are driven towards sales and conversion.

Try setting these ecommerce marketing strategies into motion and you will see what a difference you notice in your sales and growth.

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