How much impact does your brand have on SEO ranking? Do search engines use brand authority to improve rankings? Should you be considering branding as part of your overall Search Engine Optimisation efforts? Why are these questions so important when it comes to seeing results from your digital marketing efforts? Let’s take a look.

In a nutshell, the short answer to our first question is no. Your online brand does not directly affect your ranking. With that said, it is very useful to note that although branding may not have an impact on your SEO ranking, it can still be very useful to have a consistent online brand. Keep reading to find out why branding is not something that should be ignored as part of your SEO efforts.

Does Your Brand Authority Affect SEO Ranking?

While brand name is not something that Google factors into the SEO ranking process, branding still plays a role in SEO. Here are some of the reasons that branding should be included in your broader digital strategy.

Smart brands are consistent

That means following best practice SEO, avoiding Black Hat and other dodgy techniques and working hard to establish a best in class strategy. From a ranking point of view, this can only be good. When you work hard to create high quality content consistently, the result is high quality links. The impact of quality links is, of course, improved ranking.

Brands often have a higher trust factor

Most consumers are more likely to favour trusted, well-known brands over those that they do not know. This, in turn, helps to improve authority. Sites that are seen as experts in their niches will find it a lot easier to rank. To use an example, consider how frequently Wikipedia entries show up at the top of the SERPs. One reason for this is because web users associate Wikipedia with information.

Brands generate traffic from multiple sources

Another thing to consider is where traffic originates from online. Many brands have embraced cross channel marketing, integrating SEO within a wider, more extensive digital marketing strategy. When there is a high volume of traffic from social media, web pages, backlinks and other sources, this also helps to boost ranking.

Treating your online brand as an afterthought can be deadly on many levels. From an SEO ranking point of view, a solid brand can be a powerful tool that helps you not only see increased traffic but also establish brand authority.

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