Every website owner wants to get the best possible SEO rankings, but many may be missing out on the chance to get ahead, simply because their website is lacking a few essential ingredients. Ranking is still seen as something complex and mystical at times.

What is Really Damaging Your SEO Rankings

In reality, although there are many, many things to take into account during the overall ranking process, there are actions that you can do to help your SEO rankings along.

Some of the first things to check if you are battling to achieve SEO rankings after a few months of trial and error include the following:

1. Duplicate content

Larger, older websites will especially struggle with this one. Over time, pages are created when you change services, add new services, add new content or make any other changes that require fresh content. We know that content is good for Search Engine Optimisation, but too much duplicate content can have the opposite effect. When you have more than one version of your about, company, services or product pages, you run the risk of damaging your rankings. If it is hard to know how many pages are duplicate, a simple way to resolve this issue is to invest in a comprehensive audit that will identify not only duplicate pages but also content weaknesses that may also be affecting your ranking.

2. Non-secure domain

Very soon, Google is going to start favouring HTTPS domains over HTTP domains. As online security becomes more important than ever, you can no longer afford to leave your website open to potential attacks. SSL is still the most reliable way to get peace of mind. At the same time, it will also ensure that you do not lose your hard-earned ranking once Google begins to prioritise HTTPS domains in the SERPs.

3. Missing or incorrect on-page data

Descriptions, alt tags, page titles, image tags and other on-page data may not seem hugely important. Although this is, of course, not the only factor that search engines take into account when ranking your pages, it is still a good idea to get into the habit of following best practice guidelines for your on-page data. The easiest it is for search engines to trawl you content, the more chance you have of ranking. Sometimes, it really is that simple. Make sure that your SEO strategy incorporates an on-page plan as well as content and off-site plan to get the best results.

When all else fails, the simplest and smartest way to be sure that you are getting ahead in the SERPs is to take a good, hard look at your current efforts to see whether you are genuinely doing all you can to improve your SEO rankings.

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