With all the digital marketing channels out there, how do you know which are worth the time and effort? One of the downsides to living in the digital age is that we have more choice than ever before. Businesses of all sizes have the tools that help bring in customers, improve reputations and find a presence online.

Businesses also have the ability to focus on channels that are more likely to end up being worth little to nothing as far as conversion is concerned.

These Digital Marketing Channels Are Draining Your Time

Which digital marketing channels are better left alone? Let’s take a look.

Company news

Blogging can be a powerful tool that helps you drive more traffic, engagement more leads and connect with your audience. That does not mean that putting up an on-site blog or a dedicated company news website will be sufficient, however. Sharing random company news that does not add genuine value will not help you get ahead. Instead, you need to have a clear digital marketing strategy in place.

Bulk SMS

On a similar note, sending out generic mass SMS seldom gets you anywhere, either. Mobile marketing can be extremely effective, but only if you have a strategy that is designed to provide a seamless experience between your website and mobile channels. Blindly SMSing without a plan will only get you closer to being blacklisted, which is never a good thing.

Unsolicited email

No matter what anyone may say otherwise, there is no place for unsolicited email in today’s digital climate. The majority of people will not even bother to open an email that looks like spam, let alone read the email or click any links. Without a strategic lead nurturing and email marketing plan in place, you are to all effect shouting into the void, for no pay-off at all.

Unsocial media

Another way to waste time is to focus your efforts on social media channels that are not showing any signs of conversion. As fun as it is to create nice looking Pinterest boards, it may not get you any actual sales. On a similar note, spending a great deal of time updating your Facebook page with posts that are not aligned with your goals or designed to boost engagement will also end up doing more harm than good.

The good news is that focusing on the digital marketing channels that add genuine value will free up your time and resources, leaving you with more time to grow your business online.

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