Whether you are running a large scale, international online store or a tiny online boutique, ecommerce SEO is something that no etailer can afford to ignore. Not too long ago, we shared some tips on how to drive more sales with ecommerce SEO. Today, we’re getting back to basics with a look at how Search Engine Optimisation applies to ecommerce websites to generate sales and drive conversion.

What is the Aim of Ecommerce SEO?

First things first, why do you even need a dedicated SEO strategy for ecommerce marketing? Although SEO is much the same for every type of website, there are a number of unique qualities about ecommerce websites. The primary goal of most websites is to convert leads that ultimately result in sales or enquiries. An ecommerce site, on the other hand, needs to be able to build trust, engage and sell in a far shorter time. Keyword strategies, onsite optimisation, off site work, linkbuilding and other elements differ significantly on ecommerce websites and standard websites. Using a generic strategy will almost always result in failure.

Why Invest in Ecommerce SEO?

This is where ecommerce SEO comes into play. Compared to paid advertising, lead nurturing, email marketing and social media marketing, SEO offers an affordable, holistic way to drive conversion. Some of the biggest benefits of a tailored SEO strategy for your ecommerce website include the following:

  • Organic traffic: Every single day, there are people searching for your products. A good SEO strategy harnesses those searches to drive organic traffic to your product and category pages.
  • Rich content: Optimised content serves two purposes – it attracts relevant audiences and it engages readers who are already primed to purchase. Well-crafted optimised product descriptions play a vital role in both ranking and conversion.
  • Increased conversion: SEO allows you to target on a micro level. For example, if your shop specialises in rainbow unicorn slippers for kids, you have far more chance of attracting consumers who are actively searching for kids rainbow unicorn slippers. This is great news for conversion.
  • Enhanced usability: If your store is optimised for mobile and SEO, you have the added benefit of enhanced usability. Best practice onsite SEO ensures that search engines and shoppers can easily find information in the shortest amount of time. This means that your audience will not have far fewer barriers to purchase.
  • Increased authority: Trusted stores very quickly begin to rank higher in the SERPs. Many appear in Google’s featured questions that are displayed in results, which further helps to establish reputation and authority while driving trust.

All in all, ecommerce SEO should be seen as something that adds value at every turn, rather than something that seems like an after-thought.

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