If you are not using social media marketing, you may be missing out on an opportunity to grow your ecommerce marketing results significantly.

Using Social Media for Ecommerce Success

Used as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy, social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer a way to reach customers in real time. In this guide, we share some of the ways that social media contributes towards ecommerce success.

How are smart ecommerce brands using social media to drive b2c growth? Let’s take a look…

Private messaging

Private messaging offers a way for customers to reach ecommerce brands instantly. Facebook Messaging, for example, has very quickly become the method of choice for people to make enquiries on product availability, pricing and various other topics. Unlike email, which typically has a waiting period, and phone calls, which can quickly get frustrating, chat is quick, easy and instant. Chatbots have slowly begun to rise, helping brands interact with customers 24-7 without delays that could otherwise affect sales and engagement.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored content has also grown over recent years. Paid advertisements on channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are more diverse than ever before, with a huge level of customisation available to advertisers. The ability to control how ads are seen plays a strong role in social media advertising, allowing etailers to position ads to key demographics in a way that increases engagement and conversion.

In-app purchasing

Many social channels are starting to offer the ability for in-app shopping. Facebook is leading the way in this regard, while Twitter also allows for in-app purchases. This feature removes barriers to purchase, making it easier for followers to shop without having to navigate to ecommerce websites.

Rich media content

Social media content continues to evolve each year, offering more ways for ecommerce providers to reach customers. Rich content that includes a combination of images, videos, advertisements, useful tips, shared content and engagement driving content all help to increase brand awareness, encourage clicks, shares and comments, build reputation and connect to followers on a deeper level. While not as direct as the features listed above, all of this helps to establish a loyal following of engaged fans.

The best way to see results from your social strategies is to focus on the channels that are already driving results. Integrating performing social media channels within your overall ecommerce marketing strategy is without a doubt the best way to optimise your results for long term growth.

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