If you are wondering where to even begin, a social media cheat sheet is just what you need to get the ball rolling. Whether you are investing in a personalised social media marketing strategy or hoping to wing it on your own, knowing when to post, what to post and what to avoid is key.

A Simple Yet Effective Social Media Cheat Sheet

In this social media cheat sheet, we share a few simple tips to get your strategy off the ground. This social media cheat sheet is sure to help you get started with your social media strategy.


Character limit: over 6,000 characters

When to post: 13h00 to 16h00 is the best time to share Facebook posts.

What to share: company news, company blog posts, relevant images and videos, relevant hashtags, external links to industry articles and content, industry studies, and light-hearted content that appeals to target audience.

What to avoid: personal posts, religious discussions, political posts, potentially damaging posts, only company blog posts, only text-based posts, and memes and jokes that may be misinterpreted.


Character limit: 140 – 220 characters

When to post: 09h00 to 15h00 is the optimal time to share Twitter posts.

What to share: shortened links to company blog posts, relevant images and videos, relevant hashtags, tips shared over multiple tweets, open-ended industry questions and topics, broader industry news, relevant retweets, and expert advice.

What to avoid: excessive retweets and repeat tweets, potentially explosive topics such as politics and religion, only text-based tweets, vague hashtags, and any content that may be deemed offensive (accidentally or otherwise).


Character limit: 700 – 40,000

When to post: Tuesday to Thursday, morning, noon or early evening, is ideal for LinkedIn posts.

What to share: industry related news, professional tips and advice, career-related tips and advice, relevant blog posts, new hires, new clients or projects, new offices, relevant images and videos, and various other b2b topics.

What to avoid: topics outside of the professional realm, consumer updates, controversial content, personal posts that do not apply to your broader industry, and any other content that is not geared towards the corporate space.


Character limit: up to 4,500 (descriptions), 100 characters (titles)

When to post: weekday afternoons is ideal for YouTube video posting.

What to share: product demonstrations, product reviews and testimonials, relevant industry tips, useful guides, product tips, lectures, office tours, and e-courses, fun videos relating to a broader industry, animation, and relevant challenges.

What to avoid: non-relevant videos that do not suit your brand voice, controversial videos, any videos that may accidentally offend or upset, pointless challenges that are not relevant to your industry, and any other content that is not aligned to your brand.

For best results, print this social media cheat sheet out and keep it somewhere within easy reach when planning your content.

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