With the vast number of digital marketing channels out there, it’s easy to think that you will save time and effort by focusing on just a few channels. After all, it is only big businesses that need to bother thinking about things such as cross channel marketing, so you may as well keep it simple, right?

Actually, businesses of all sizes can benefit from an integrated approach. The biggest problem with focusing on only the most obvious channels is that you end up missing out on the chance to reach your audience on a deeper level, in a way that is great for conversion, sales and reputation. Sticking to the obvious channels can end up preventing you from reaching your full potential, which is why a well-rounded digital marketing approach is so effective.

Under-Utilised Digital Marketing Channels

You may be getting ahead with SEO, PPC, social media, ecommerce marketing and email marketing, but a truly balanced cross channel marketing strategy should also incorporate channels that are made to drive conversion. Here are some of the digital marketing channels that are all too often overlooked.

Lead generation

Lead generation goes hand in hand with email marketing to target and nurture leads on a deeper level. This channel is effective because it offers a far more intricate approach. Lists are carefully segmented, lead nurturing campaigns are personalised and targeted to incorporate funnels, abandoned cart recovery emails, drip campaigns and many other strategies that help you convert more leads.

Customer Relationship Marketing

Another channel that is often treated as an afterthought is CRM or Customer Relationship Management. In the move to bring in new business, existing customers should never have to fall by the wayside. This channel is all about improving customer retention, focusing on building relationships with customers at every stage of their journey. When you have a solid CRM system in place, you have the ability to drive engagement, loyalty and long-term growth.

Competitive analysis

You know how well your own channels are performing across the digital space. You have a fairly good strategy on how you will improve your ranking online. Without insight into your competitors, you are for all effect shooting into the dark, however. Competitive analysis is important because it provides invaluable insight into the things that your biggest competitors are getting right. This data can be highly effective in helping you refine and perfect your own strategies.

A good way to start broadening your strategy is to take a hard look at your current goals and metrics to see where there may be any gaps. This will help you fine-tune your digital marketing strategy, incorporating the channels that are most likely to fill those gaps.

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