Just how important is content when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation? Not too long ago, we shared some of the top benefits of content for SEO. While you need content on your website in order to rank in the SERPs, there is a huge leap between hastily thrown-together content and well-crafted content that adds genuine value.

Why Your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy Needs Quality Content

Today, we’re delving a bit deeper into the relationship that content plays with Search Engine Optimisation to help you get a better idea of how closely these two are entwined.

Some of the biggest reasons to start putting content at the forefront of your Search Engine Optimisation efforts include the following:

Avoid penalties and other ranking issues

One of the biggest risks of content that is poorly written, stuffed with keywords and links, and added purely to try and boost ranking. In order to rank, most search engines require 400 words or more of content. Simply adding words to a page is not the same as having well-written content. Search engines will often end up penalising content that is duplicated, non-relevant or loaded with links and keywords. Pages that develop authority are written in a way that puts usability and information ahead of SEO ranking.

Provide a bigger picture of your brand

Search engines also use your website content to develop a bigger picture of your brand. When you have content that is useful, relevant and written for people rather than search engines, and you have a flawless brand voice across every channel, it is easier for search engines to start to position your brand ahead in the SERPs. When you have an outdated Facebook page and a website that has minimal content on one page, duplicated or badly written content on another page and keyword stuffing on another page, your brand becomes far less cohesive.

Establishes you as an industry leader

Have you ever wondered why websites such as Wikipedia typically come in at the top of the SERPs for just about every conceivable topic? The main reason is that Google views this type of website as a trusted authority. This is because the content is well-written, edited, updated and relevant. Sometimes, websites may be able to sneak into the SERPs, even with bad content. Most often, however, you can only establish yourself as an industry leader when you produce information that adds real value. Over time, this helps you become a leader in your industry – someone that consumers know where to go to find the help they need.

Once you begin to treat SEO content with the respect it deserves, you will start to see a slow but steady impact on your Search Engine Optimisation results.

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