If you are not taking advantage of the many ecommerce marketing strategies on offer to re-target customers, you are missing out on the chance to increase order frequency and value, as well as the chance to keep customers returning to your store.

Best Ecommerce Marketing Channels for Re-Targeting

In this mini guide, we take a look at some of the simplest ecommerce marketing channels for re-targeting.

Some of the best ecommerce marketing channels to re-target customers include the following:


A well-timed mobile marketing campaign that is triggered to be sent after purchases and various other triggers can be a great way to target customers. The instant nature of mobile makes it especially useful for short, rich campaigns such as limited time discounts, new arrivals, sales, seasonal offers and other events. This can also tie into local marketing campaigns for even more impact – especially if features such as geotargeting are used.


Email marketing can also be a very effective tool for customer re-targeting. The trick to making these emails work is to plan automated, personalised campaigns that are based on triggers ranging from recent purchases all the way to average spend. Ideas for this type of campaign could include similar item emails, upgrade emails, seasonal and once-off sales and discounts, referral discounts, new product emails, and limited time upgrade deals.


When used as part of a cross-channel strategy, social media offers an excellent tool to reach customers after purchase. There are quite a few ways to use social wisely to re-target customers. Over and beyond standard product ads and discounts, you could look at rich content such as video that encourages customers who have not visited your store in a while, in a way that entices them back again.


Online advertising is also worth including in your re-targeting strategies. Google Ads are especially useful, especially if planned carefully alongside a highly targeted keyword strategy that incorporates phrases that indicate a primed buying mindset. When used alongside the strategies above, ads help to keep your store top of mind at all times.

A well-rounded ecommerce marketing strategy will incorporate all of these channels in a way that is targeted and effective, ensuring that you are able to reach customers at every stage of their journey.

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