With so many ecommerce marketing channels, it is not always easy to know which channels will provide the biggest benefit. The simplest way to find out how each channel performs is to test, test and test again. To get a better idea of which channels to start with, we’ve put together a list of the ecommerce marketing channels that drive genuine value.

Which Ecommerce Marketing Channels Should You Consider?

Wondering which ecommerce marketing channels offer the biggest return on investment? Let’s take a closer look at the channels driving conversion.

  • Email: Email marketing is a powerful tool for ecommerce. Whether crafting lead nurturing funnels, automated messages to remind customers of items left in their carts, sending personalised messages on birthdays or planning any other type of campaign, a major advantage of email is that it allows you to own your own lists, without the need for third-party platforms.
  • SEO: SEO for ecommerce is often treated as an afterthought. In reality, ecommerce websites are driven by search, with many queries done every single day to find local products. An optimised site is the first step in bringing in traffic through SEO. A targeted keyword strategy and smart approach to mobile SEO is the next step in getting full advantage of this channel.
  • Social: Social media plays a large role in establishing your reputation, driving engagement, building a following, keeping customers updated and forging relationships with customers. A major mistake that many etailers make is focusing entirely on social media without integrating additional channels.
  • Video: Although video also makes up one aspect of social media, it is also a star in its own right. Video helps to establish a connection while helping you increase your authority and build trust. Using video on your product pages, FAQ and even reviews pages can help to boost sales, increase average order size and even boost average spend.
  • Mobile: Finally, another channel that you cannot afford to ignore is mobile marketing. Considering how many people access online stores from a mobile device, mobile is more important than ever before. If your website is not optimised for mobile, you are missing out on the chance to reach your audience on a far deeper level than before.

The best approach is to incorporate a selection of the channels that drive the most value. You will then be able to create a tailored strategy that integrates the ecommerce marketing channels that offer the most value.

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